by Assailant

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    Assailant Demo 2012

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Recorded in September 2012 at Cavan Studio, Heredia, Costa Rica


released September 24, 2012




all rights reserved



Formed in June 2010 Assailant started with the vision of creating their own raw and aggressive Thrash Metal. In late 2013 a new drummer Andrés Guillén joined the cause, contributing with new influences and giving the rest of the band the possibility of creating their new songs with a more progressive and technical style. ... more

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Track Name: Prohibited to Reflect
Prohibited to Reflect

Save your words dear churchman,
They will kill your faith
Preaching your religion…
Or building hate in them?

Merciless proclamation,
That will blow your brain
Round off your deceitful life,
Lies are your own waste

Prohibited to reflect!
Damn Empire!

Show them an untrue god
Endow a road to hell
Whacking your herd,
Brutal your death
Sure I’ll see your pain

You will be the only,
Who dies for his religion
You will be the only blind
That falls in this perdition

Look! All your goats are gone
They’re ready to reborn
With your blood will regain
Each shit you said
Now it’s time to seek
For the stolen believes
We’ll be the force
The rule of this world
Track Name: Defunct Existence
Defunct Existence

Feel the pain of burning
The scars will consume you ´till death
Weakened minds possessed by oppression
Stronger remorse awakes

Suffer! Enslave!
Your actions betray
Memories invade your soul
Drown in your fear
Drown in your pain
Time to see your dead

Treacherous world
Wretched decay
Defunct existence
Breathing disgrace

Millions of crimes, ceaseless pain
Covered behind the cross
Assassins who preach
The evil will come
Fall into their fucking world

Your dreams are gone now
Your final mistake
The demons turn back in your way
In the words that you speak
The falsehood I see
Darkness is now where you live

This, your lord is fake
This his portrait, blame
Lies run through your veins
This world is now dead
Fall against the death
Who calls, is pain
Don’t come back again
You fuckers, awake!
Track Name: A Shedding Of Violence
A Shedding of Violence
Damn deadly blast
A blaze from hell
Against sanity

No turning back
Virus detected
Raising disease

Everybody lose their minds
Madness makes them alive
Darkness is exhibited

I hear the painful cries
A gun to smash your life
Wall bloody painted

Until they’re dead
Smash with all hate
No one could be safe

Get off this place
No friends to retrace
The blood belongs to them

Rotting infection
There is no savior
Souls disappear in the ground

Command your dead
Take no fag a rest
Violence has lives to take out

A shedding of violence
World overflows
Social subversion

Taking the cities
Under its sight
No healing illusions

Reign of hate
Shattering your faith
Last violation
Track Name: Pull to Brainwash
Pull to Brainwash

There’re people, White machines
Their mind a whirlpool, it is
Spiral thoughts, infectious curse
They don’t learn, or know

One day they see the next they don’t
Take right or left you choose
They follow the masses, they follow the weak
Their eyes, blinded by greed

They have a button, it says…

Pull…Pull to brainwash
Mind…Try to control
Pull…Pull to brainwash
Watch…Their foolish lives

The whole group, walking in line
The same direction of fools
Believing shit, lies they say
A bunch of sellouts to kill

One day they’ll see, the misery
To live among the weak
The strongest decisions, they will deny
Keep walking, blindly the line
Track Name: Spitting Our Soil
Spitting Our Soil
What have we done so filthily wrong
To this beautiful land?
How we forget, our humble past?
We are spitting our soil
Now, how could be the things we see?
Our mother’s death!
It’s time to think, not to spit
Spring water lack!

What will we see, in misery?
Our rivers we’ve killed
Do we need to cut, the entire bond
Between the nature and us?
We will be drinking, solid waste
Instead of life!
Keep showing a green mask, if we want,
While the green turns black!

Why don't we remember how was it then?
Clear rivers flowed
A sudden change, a rampant growth
There were no laws to enforce!
Unstoppable death, the sewage tell
Social Disinterest
There is no conscience, don’t we care?
The gray water spread!